Matt Huxley



Tessa Bide Productions


'An engrossing show that is full of compassion and makes siblings of us all.' ★★★★ The Guardian.

A young boy waits for the birth of his baby sister… He can’t wait to tell her all about the swifts which nest not far from the top window of their pointy house… it’s nearly time, she’s nearly here.

'Perfect' is an innovative adaptation of the beautiful illustrated book by Nicola Davies and Cathy Fisher, about a young boy meeting his disabled sister for the first time. Perfect is a remarkable story of anticipation and disappointment, acceptance and love, and the power of nature in all our lives. Devised by the company with direction by Adam Fuller.

"Moving, gentle and thoughtful: Perfect is sophisticated and sensitive in its storytelling, exquisite in its design and, best of all, really trusts its young audience." Children's Theatre Reviews.

UK Tour 2018 - 2019.

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